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Property management

As your future real estate property manager we would like to introduce ourselves and inform you of all the benefits you will enjoy with us.

What does Prudential Real Estate guarantee?

  1. Your monthly rental income. Once units on your property are rented, even if tenants don’t pay we will pay.
  2. The good state of your rented property.
  3. All monthly standard bills, regarding the property, will be paid on time.
  4. All repairs to property items will be ordered and supervised by us on a timely manner

Prudential Real estate makes use of the following methods of advertising:

  • Weekly radio advertising, Radio Hoyer, Dolfijn FM
  • Weekly news paper
  • Monthly SMS
  • Monthly news to companies
  • Advertising on our Facebook page
  • Flyers during the year


What info do we need from you:
In order to provide you with our services, we need a complete overview of the monthly standard expenses of the property, such things like:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Electrical bill
  • Water bill
  • Vigilant security
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Internet provider
  • Garbage bill
  • TV provider
  • Gas provider

We will also need to inventarise all property items and establish their current state.


Repair and maintenance procedures during our contract:
In case of any repair that needs to be done at the property because of owner responsibility, these will be our procedures:

  • We will take pictures of the situation.
  • We will get full quotation of the repair.
  • You as the owner will sign and agree for this repair.
  • Once we have your approval we will do the repair.
  • Payments of repair will be done by Prudential.


Payments of owner to Prudential during our contract:

  • Prudential will pay all monthly standard expenses and deduct these from the monthly rental income.
  • The procedure of payments regarding repairs for which the owner is responsible depends on the amount. In case the repair is more than the monthly rental income of the property then the owner has to fund the repair first. In case it is lower, it will be deducted from the monthly rental payment


Prudential Property Management Fees:
We only have two kinds of services fees for the management of the property. These are;

  1. If all or some of the units on the property are rented then the owner will pay Prudential a 15% fee over the monthly rent of the rented units during the contract period. This in order to guarantee rental income during the contracts of the units and to maintain the units in the same state as given to us. We will deduct this fee from the monthly rental income of the property
  2. For the management of the complete property, such as:
    a) the ordering and supervising the maintenance of  general property items like the garden, pool, gates etc..;
    b) the on time payment of all standard expenses and;
    c) the listing and promotion of empty units in order to rent them quickly
  3. We charge only 5% over the property total rent. This fee is based on the theoretical total rent of all the units of the property, no matter  if they are rented or not.