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Frequently Asked Questions


We have houses/apartments in offer from 500 guilders going up.

The rental process can be a normal rental or with rental guarantee.
With the normal rent, the tenant pays one (1) time the rent and one (1) month deposit.
With a rental guarantee, the tenant does not have to pay a deposit. However, he/she must pass a screening process first.

The requirements are as followed:
- A valid Identification card
- Two (2) last salary slips
- Two last bank statements.

In the cases of a normal rental (ONE TIME CONTRACT), the tenant pays a rental deposit. This is one (1) month rent. In cases of a rental guarantee the tenant does not need to pay a rental deposit.

On the houses for rent section you will find all houses and apartments that we offer. After viewing the house (s) you like, you can make an appointment with our agent and he/she will take you to see the house personally.

Of course, we have different sections. In each section you can see different prices going from high to low.
There is also another section named “Economic homes” here you can find properties for fl.500,-.

Yes, hire purchase is possible only if the owner agrees.

As long as the salary can bear the rent, that is possible.

Yes, we even have a nice selection of holiday homes. We also offer houses from other customers as holiday homes. The cost for the owner is 10%.

The rental period is 1 year.