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Frequently Asked Questions

Landlords / sales

We offer a rental guarantee. When renting with rental guarantee we always screen the tenants.
With this service you (the landlord) will never have to worry about not receiving rent on time. If the tenant fails to pay on time we will pay. We advertise the properties in all our platforms, such as social media, Markplaats, and our website.

A rental guarantee means that we guarantee the landlord his monthly rental price for the period that a tenant is in the house/apartment.
With a rental guarantee, the tenant does not have to pay a deposit. However, the tenant must pass a screening process first. 

The requirements are as followed:
- A valid Identification card
- Two (2) last salary slips
- Two last bank statements.

The costs that are enclosed for a rental guarantee are as followed:
- The landlord pays 15% plus 6% OB monthly to Prudential.
- In cases that parties do not want a rental guarantee, and parties agree on a normal rental agreement (ONE TIME CONTRACT),
  the tenant pays one (1) time the rent and one (1) month deposit. The landlord will then pay Prudential a one (1) month fee plus 6% OB.

Advertising is free, but we ask written permission from the owner stating that we have permission to advertise his/her house or apartment.

It all depends on the market and how attractive the building and the price is.

Yes, we even have a nice selection of holiday homes, and we also offer beautiful houses from other customers as holiday homes. The cost for the owner is 10%.