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About us

Prudential Real Estate is in all aspect an innovative company.

Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate business in Curaҫao by offering complete new types of services.
We aim to build a permanent portfolio of real estate objects that will be rented out or sold by us under very favorable innovative conditions. We do this by primarily guaranteeing house rent payments to the home owner. This means that the home owner will never have to run after a tenant for payments, and there will never be a late payment even if the tenant does not pay, we will.

We are also the first company to lower the costs for the tenants by having them pay only one month upfront. There is no need for a deposit because Prudential guarantees both rent and the good state of the property.

Even if your property is already rented out, we can offer you the same guarantees. Besides the “Rental guarantee” service we provide, we also provide a “Property management” for clients that live overseas but own a house on Curaҫao. Lease buyout/lease purchase agreements are also possible. Benefits for real estate owners and tenants are also numerous.

We’re looking forward to serve you in the near future.

Management Team

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