The benefits for property owners and tenants are numerous:

  1. Property owners can list with us and profit from our marketing tools without any additional cost.
  2. We offer an intermediary service for property owners without the need to pay an upfront commission fee.
  3. We guarantee property owners their rental income. If the tenant doesn’t pay or doesn’t pay on time, we do.
  4. Prudential guarantees that your property will be delivered back to you just as we received it at the end of each contract term.
  5. Potential tenants can rent any property with Prudential without the need to pay a deposit.

What do we offer?

  1. Prudential commits itself to pay property owners their monthly rent, even if the tenant doesn’t pay.
  2. Prudential will cover damages caused by tenants if the tenants don’t.
  3. Prudential relieves home owners of any additional administrative work.
  4. Home owners don’t have to spend any upfront fee’s to Prudential.
  5. Prudential offers outdoors property maintenance management for apartment and/or business complex at additional cost.
  6. Prudential can also take care of your existing rentals contracts.
  7. Prudential offers you peace of mind.

Prudential management fees:

  • Prudential rental property management fee in case of an Individual apartment, house or commercial building is 15% of the monthly rent.
  • In case the property is an apartment complex or resort, Prudential outdoors property management maintenance fee is 5% of the total potential rent income of the complex or resort.
  • Prudential fee on property sales is 4%.