Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate business in Curacao by offering a wide-range of innovative services.

As Real Estate Agents we aim to build a long-lasting portfolio of real estate properties that will be listed as for rent and as for sale through us with our favorable innovative conditions that include:

– guaranteed rental income for the owner
– guaranteed same condition return of the property to the owner
– no deposit requirement for the tenant.

And Vision:

Prudential Real Estate primarily guarantees rent payment to the property owners. As property owner you can now sit and relax while we take care of your property and the income it generates for you. No more checking your bank account calling and running after tenants. There is also no more worrying about the condition of you property. We will deliver it back to you as we got it. Guaranteed.

We are aware that often financial considerations makes it difficult for tenants to rent. That is why we do not require a deposit from the tenant. We are the guarantor to the owner of the property so no deposit is required from the tenant. This means that your property will be rented much faster.